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Сохранение и развитие русского языка в Латвии
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His hands were on the back of my head. He began to push down with each of my movements, and the cock began to rest against my throat. Tears began to flow from his eyes in a stream. Every time I tried to take a breath, taking my dick out of my mouth, he stuck my head almost to the very testicles, a couple of times I even got to them with my tongue ... but by that time I was already roaring at the top ... Cosmetics flowed, and he fucked me in the mouth ... For several minutes now I began to move my ass to the beat of the movement of my head ... Zhenya's cock rests on my throat, an imitator rests in my ass, I start to suck on the head, a rubber fighter falls out of the ass, Zhenya presses on the back of the head and drives the cock in the throat, I immediately push my ass all the way ... I thought that this was already going on forever, and at that moment hot sperm hit my throat ... Zhenya began to cum, holding my hair, he planted my mouth all the way ... little air, sperm pours from the corners of his mouth, tears flow, and he presses on the back of his head and ends.
You are my dream? I asked the stranger, she looked incomprehensibly and just smiled. I smiled back. At that moment, my friend entered.
Why is this? (Heard from the living room)
Get it together, you stupid bitch, I thought to myself. “You wanted this, but many times you turned around halfway. But now there is no turn, you opened the door for him. Lera. A bitch who wants to be fucked. Here you get it."
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I have not lived in Russia for a long time and, unfortunately, due to the lack of communication in Russian, I forgot the rules and even some words, I apologize in advance for this.
- Salty, but I like it. It's fun to do this while looking at you, how you make your face in pleasure. It's funny even. I realized something and I want to do it to you again. It’s not bad on the face, but it’s not pleasant in the eye, but what if it got on the hair? Since I have already tasted your sperm, now you will finish in my mouth. Less fuss later, and more convenient.
Our daughter recently got married and together with her husband began to live with his parents. And we have new neighbors. They renovated the apartment and only after that they moved into it. The head of the family, Mikhail Vasilievich, is a tall, respectable man of about fifty, his wife Galina Nikolaevna is seven years younger than him, and their son Pavel, who looks like his father. He studied at the university in his third year. We learned something about them when on Saturday the three of them came to us with cognac and cake.
And in what position did it happen? Galya asked.
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